C4D建模动画插件 中文汉化版包含使用教程 Fusionthing V1.16

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插件分类: 插件
使用教程: 含教程
支持版本: R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R18 R19
支持语言: 汉化
支持系统: PC MAC
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本插件是由Lotsofpixels机构出品的Lotsofpixels Fusionthing建模动画C4D插件V1.16版,Lotsofpixels Fusionthing v1.16 for Cinema 4D R12-R16 Win Mac,大小:100 MB,支持C4D R12-R16版本软件,支持Win与Mac系统,语言:英语。

Lotsofpixels Fusionthing v1.16 for Cinema 4D R12-R16 Win Mac
A very powerful procedural modelling and animation system that lets you build with meshes rather than with vertices and polygons. Works in two modes – ‘Immediate mode’ for rapid workflow when you know exactly what you want, and ‘Object mode’ for when you want maximum flexibility, and for when you need advanced animation.
fusionThing is a major procedural modelling and animation plugin for Cinema4D 8.5 to 13.0
32 and 64 bit on both Windows and OSX
P.S:For Mac users tester Reported that it wont work in R16, sorry, use R15 instead.PS:MAC版本不支持R16 支持到R15

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