C4D贴图映射插件中文汉化版 Tools4D Texture Remapping Kit v1.80

作用分类: 贴图
插件分类: 插件
使用教程: 无教程
支持语言: 汉化
支持系统: PC MAC
出现位置: 插件菜单 材质通道


C4D R16纹理贴图重新映射工具插件Tools4D Texture Remapping Kit是一套着色器和工具,在建立简化的过程中,提取和操纵瓷砖或面板用作纹理,来自照片。

Tools4D Texture Remapping Kit,拥有一个简单的工作流。简单地选择材质,选择一个您希望使用的图像,提取工具,使用着色器,并开始马克你使用的区域。完成了。


Tools4D Texture Remapping kit is a suite of shaders and tools that were built to simplify the process of extracting and manipulating tiles or panels intended to be used as textures, sourced from photographs.

The core of the kit is the Remapping Shader and Tool which has a simple workflow. Simply choose the shader, pick an image that you wish to use, use the extraction tool that is in the shader, and start to mark out the area you will use. Done.

The Kit also comes with a Random tile Shader that can be used to repeat textures and seamless tiles randomly, so that they look less like a pattern over a large texture area. In fact, there are a bunch of useful tools in the Kit:

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